The Challenge

Created back in 2009, the original logo needed a significant refresh to meet new standards and devices.

“I would like to get the logo updated so it looks more modern and works better on the new retina displays. You have free hands to change the details, shadings, shadows, etc.”

Martin LeBlanc Eigtved, Iconfinder

Original robot character was created in 2009, by TurboMilk

The Construction

We began by simplifying the current logo to make it look modern and less busy. We went through multiple rounds of sketches and 3D modelling.

The Materials

Before proceeding with the final rendering we spent a lot of time finding the perfect materials for each part of the robot.

White Plastic
Fluted Glass
Brushed Metal
SSS Plastic
Cellular Plastic
Grey Plastic

The Result

The final PSD consists of over 600 vector layers,
and can be easily scaled up to any size.

“SoftFacade creates small pieces of art. They put in so much love and hard work which shows in the designs they make. It's truly a pleasure to work with such talented people.”

Martin LeBlanc Eigtved, Iconfinder